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IDJ Financial Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2015 successfully held (17/05/2015)

On May 16th, the second Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2015 was held successfully at Charmvit Tower Building Office by IDJ International Financial Investment and Enterprise Development.

Attending this meeting, there is a representative of CPA Auditing Company Limited, Mr. Dinh Van Thang (Deputy General Directors); toward the leadership of IDJ Financial, there is Mr. Nguyen Trung Phuong (CEO), and BODs, and Board of Supervisory, and shareholders.

This meeting took place in the atmosphere of solemnity, solidarity and complied with the provisions of law, which demonstrated the spirit of intellectual focus, built democracy, and ensure the interests of the company and shareholders. Besides, it received the high unanimous consent of the shareholders about the important documents, such as: Financial Statements in 2014 were audited, Statements of business activity in 2014 and the business plan 2015, Statements of Board of Supervisory, Reports of the selection of the auditing firm, Reports of the change of business registration, Reports of the remuneration of BODs and Board of Supervisory, Reports of the Election members of BODs and Board of Supervisory in the term of 2015 - 2019.

The economy and social of Vietnam in 2014 recovered slowly after the global recession. In this context, IDJ Financial implemented the strategy about tightening cost, shortening HR apparatus and maximizing all revenues to ensure financial balance and maintain the stability of the company. Besides, the company also restructured some ineffective portfolios to creat the cash flow for investments in new projects with high efficiency.

The main results achieved in 2014 are as follows:

- Exploiting Charmvit Office Tower area, the occupancy rate reached 100%.
- Contacting with several potential tenants to lease the entire of Grand Plaza.
- Operating business activity in the Vietnam Muong Cultural Village resort.
- Restructuring some portfolios to create the cash flow for new investment opportunities.

Overview, the business activities of IDJ Financial in 2014 was unsatisfied. However, the company gained many useful lessons and accumulated more experience to face difficulties and challenges, and find development solutions. Along with an upbeat assessment of economic prospects of Vietnam, 2015 will be the year in which IDJ Financial will flourishes with clear objectives that BODs has committed to trying to do as follows:

- Maximizing the revenue from leasing Charmvit office.
- Operating Grand Plaza back will create more value
- Hanoi Academy School still contributes the stable effective profits.
- Transfer the Vietnam Muong Cultural Village resort successfully to have the budget for investments.
- Building IDJ Land to become the exchange real estate professional and effective and be a reliable place for partners and customers

Along with the new directions of BODs, the shareholders gave a plenty of constructive comments. Acquiring the positive opinion and promoting the spirit of the meeting, IDJ Financial will be sure to implement the target of 2015 successfully, continue to develop stably and sustainably in the near future. That is clearly demonstrated under Financial statements of the first quarter 2015, the company has terminated the state of holes, achieved the breakeven point with the quarter profit is 62,951,696 VND. It is considered as a positive sign to pave the way for the new progress of IDJ Financial in this year.

An important part of this annual meeting is electing members of BODs and Board of Supervisory for the term of 2015 - 2019. After voting and counting, the election results are as follows:

The candidates were elected the members of BODs for the term of 2015 - 2019:

1. Mr. Nguyen Do Lang
2. Mr. Tran Vu Phuong
3. Mr. Mai Tran Hung
4. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh
5. Mr. Dam Dai Thang
6. Mr. Tran Viet Phuong

The candidates were elected the members of Board of Supervisory for the term of 2015 - 2019:

1. Mr. Pham Duy Hung
2. Mr. Nguyen Khanh
3. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

Members of BODs and Board of Supervisory

With the enthusiasm of BODs and Board of Supervisory Board and the new directions, 2015 promises to be the strong comeback year of IDJ Financial.

IDJ Financial

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