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Viet Muong Cultural Village – Ideal Destination for Tourists and Investors (18/10/14)

Situated at the heart of Luong Son District (Hoa Binh Province), Viet Muong Cultural Village is the keeper of the Muong culture, an ideal destination for tourists interested in discovering the local culture of the Muong ethnic group.


Hoa Binh – The Cradle of Ancient Viet Civilization

Hoa Binh, a province to the North-West of Hanoi, is considered to be the birthplace of the ancient Muong ethnic group. The province hosts nearly 200 historical places and tourist attractions, of which 64 are ranked provincial and national tourist sites, and more than 50 villages regarded as potential candidates to promote community tourism – a new business model that has recently taken off, greatly benefiting the locals.

According to Mr. Bui Ngoc Lam, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh, tourists coming to Hoa Binh enjoy the experience of living with the locals and admiring the spectacular nature sceneries.

The ethnic groups of Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao, Mong…live peacefully together, creating a unique mix of diverse culture. The special thing about the Muong people is that after centuries, they still maintain the lifestyle that has existed since the day they settled here: houses, water drainage systems, rice mortars, bows, cross-bows, terraced rice fields, and traditional farming methods and festivals.

Moreover, traces of the ancient Viet civilization still exist here in the form of caves and other tourist attractions, which have drawn a great number of tourists to Hoa Binh every year.

Viet Muong Cultural Village

Viet Muong Cultural Village is one of the key projects of IDJ Financial. The village is approximately 41km to the west of Hanoi, belonging to Hoa Binh province. Mother Nature has granted Viet Muong with pure fresh air and tradition-rich nature scenes. The place is filled with trees, a wide range of wild animals and plants, and a beautiful mix of man-made and nature beauties. With modern facilities, Viet Muong Cultural Village is the ideal destination for tourism purposes.

Entering Viet Muong Cultural Village, not only do tourists have the chance to relax with the nature, but they will also be able to taste traditional dishes like sticky rice, banana-leaf-wrapped boiled pork, and join exciting custom games around the bon-fire. Additionally, tourists can also visit places that have made Hoa Binh famous such as the 800-year-old tree, Tro Cave of the Ancient Viet, the Spiritual Site of Linh Son Thanh Mau, and Luong Son Market.

Viet Muong Cultural Village was built to preserve tangible and intangible values of ethnic groups in Hoa Binh Province. Tourists are guaranteed to receive a breath of fresh air by coming here and walk the steps that the ancient Viet people once treaded on.

Activities are held in a culture-rich atmosphere: inside San-house, at the yard, in the gardens and the House of Culture, which showers tourists with a deep sense of Muong culture. We guarantee that tourists will feel more impressed the more they explore the place.



As of today, Viet Muong Cultural Village offers the following services:

- Resort
- Event Planning – Conference
- Restaurant
- Children Playground
- Spa
- Swimming Pool
- Tennis Courts
- Karaoke
- Fishing
- Bon-fire

For more details, please visit: or reach us at: 0915 521 960

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