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Administration Building (24/10/2009)

The building includes separate offices for the School Board, international teachers, training staff, international affairs, enrolment and administration departments, as well as reception room, medical room, and meeting rooms for the school's regular activities.

Arts Performance Hall (23/10/2009)
The Arts Performance Hall has been designed with a modern stereo and lighting system in order to host important events, students' performances, and international exchange activities of the school, its partners and other organizations.
The standard hall is the pride of Hanoi Academy students.
Library (22/10/2009)

The modern library is equipped with an electronic data base system that allows students to look up book titles quickly and accurately. Over 200 standard seats are prepared to serve students during their school time.

The library has a variety of resources, such as educational books, reference books, leisure books and especially foreign books which are carefully chosen and frequently added, available for students to enrich their knowledge, update information and enjoy their leisure time with useful activities. Moreover, students can use the electronic library to access internal data as well as search for information on the Internet while they are at school.

Green space (21/10/2009)

Over 70 percent of the total area of 26,000 square meters that make up Hanoi Academy's green campus is covered with flower gardens, trees, greensward, playgrounds, and internal roads. The green space brings to children a friendly, safe and healthy learning environment in a totally different way.

Cafeteria (20/10/2009)

The cafeteria is equipped with a modern synchronous kitchen line, air ventilation and air conditioning system so as to guarantee food safety in the school.

The clean and convenient cafeteria makes the school different in students' eyes.

Sports Hall (18/10/2009)

The Sports Hall is where Hanoi Academy students practice physical activities as well as build up teamwork spirit. The Hall is equipped with high quality sport floor and essential equipment so as to ensure that students or athletes can play basketball, baseball, badminton, ping-pong, tennis and even indoor soccer.
A swimming pool with a heating system and ozone technology helps protect students' health while they are practicing. Small and medium-scale competitions for people in the school, partners and other organizations usually take place here.
A mini outdoor, grass football field is the inspiration for talented students to keep on their enthusiasm.

Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects (16/10/2009)

Gifted rooms for creative subjects help improve and develop students' knowledge and skills as well as their soul in all aspects. Music rooms, equipped with pianos, organs, are an ideal place for students to express their talent. Dance and Aerobic rooms provide students with adequate preparation from the beginning as well as help develop their natural gift in the future. Drawing objects and draw-out shelves arranged in the Arts rooms are prepared for student to express their thoughts, dreams and feelings about life.

Science Laboratory (15/10/2009)

Besides theoretical lessons in class, students have opportunities to access actual knowledge and practical lessons as well as specialty subjects such as: physics, chemistry, biology, etc in Science Labs.
The Science Labs are equipped with essential teaching aids and necessary tools in order to bring students a deeper understanding of the theoretical as well as practical lessons, and develop their scientific attitude. Along with outdoor classes, lab classes are really helpful and effective.

Computer Room (14/10/2009)

Internet-connected computer rooms facilitate students to practice ICT lessons, study in groups as well as search for information. 
ICT teachers and experts are always present to help students deal with any technical problems.
Security system and firewall which are installed to help manage access to information play a crucial role in the school's local network.

Classrooms (13/10/2009)

There are 120 classrooms in 6 buildings. Each room has more than 52 square meters space designed for 3 sectors: kindergarten, primary and secondary. In each building, there are several big-sized classrooms used for gifted classes, special coaching courses and international certificate preparation. Kindergarten has special Montessori classes which satisfy standard requirements by applying advanced teaching methodology with special learning aids. 
Classrooms are equipped with modern lighting, air ventilation and air conditioning systems to protect students' health. In each classroom, modern technology such as projectors, Internet-connected computers for teachers and many other teaching aids for specific lessons so that it meets any strict requirements of any up-to-date teaching methods and the standard of any international schools.

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