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The modern library is equipped with an electronic data base system that allows students to look up book titles quickly and accurately. Over 200 standard seats are prepared to serve students during their school time.

The library has a variety of resources, such as educational books, reference books, leisure books and especially foreign books which are carefully chosen and frequently added, available for students to enrich their knowledge, update information and enjoy their leisure time with useful activities. Moreover, students can use the electronic library to access internal data as well as search for information on the Internet while they are at school.


Other items
- Administration Building (25/10/2009)
- Arts Performance Hall (24/10/2009)
- Green space (22/10/2009)
- Cafeteria (21/10/2009)
- Sports Hall (19/10/2009)
- Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects (17/10/2009)
- Science Laboratory (16/10/2009)
- Computer Room (15/10/2009)
- Classrooms (14/10/2009)

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