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Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects

Gifted rooms for creative subjects help improve and develop students' knowledge and skills as well as their soul in all aspects. Music rooms, equipped with pianos, organs, are an ideal place for students to express their talent. Dance and Aerobic rooms provide students with adequate preparation from the beginning as well as help develop their natural gift in the future. Drawing objects and draw-out shelves arranged in the Arts rooms are prepared for student to express their thoughts, dreams and feelings about life.


Other items
- Administration Building (25/10/2009)
- Arts Performance Hall (24/10/2009)
- Library (23/10/2009)
- Green space (22/10/2009)
- Cafeteria (21/10/2009)
- Sports Hall (19/10/2009)
- Science Laboratory (16/10/2009)
- Computer Room (15/10/2009)
- Classrooms (14/10/2009)

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