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Sports Hall

The Sports Hall is where Hanoi Academy students practice physical activities as well as build up teamwork spirit. The Hall is equipped with high quality sport floor and essential equipment so as to ensure that students or athletes can play basketball, baseball, badminton, ping-pong, tennis and even indoor soccer.
A swimming pool with a heating system and ozone technology helps protect students' health while they are practicing. Small and medium-scale competitions for people in the school, partners and other organizations usually take place here.
A mini outdoor, grass football field is the inspiration for talented students to keep on their enthusiasm.


Other items
- Administration Building (25/10/2009)
- Arts Performance Hall (24/10/2009)
- Library (23/10/2009)
- Green space (22/10/2009)
- Cafeteria (21/10/2009)
- Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects (17/10/2009)
- Science Laboratory (16/10/2009)
- Computer Room (15/10/2009)
- Classrooms (14/10/2009)

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