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Science Laboratory

Besides theoretical lessons in class, students have opportunities to access actual knowledge and practical lessons as well as specialty subjects such as: physics, chemistry, biology, etc in Science Labs.
The Science Labs are equipped with essential teaching aids and necessary tools in order to bring students a deeper understanding of the theoretical as well as practical lessons, and develop their scientific attitude. Along with outdoor classes, lab classes are really helpful and effective.


Other items
- Administration Building (25/10/2009)
- Arts Performance Hall (24/10/2009)
- Library (23/10/2009)
- Green space (22/10/2009)
- Cafeteria (21/10/2009)
- Sports Hall (19/10/2009)
- Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects (17/10/2009)
- Computer Room (15/10/2009)
- Classrooms (14/10/2009)

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