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There are 120 classrooms in 6 buildings. Each room has more than 52 square meters space designed for 3 sectors: kindergarten, primary and secondary. In each building, there are several big-sized classrooms used for gifted classes, special coaching courses and international certificate preparation. Kindergarten has special Montessori classes which satisfy standard requirements by applying advanced teaching methodology with special learning aids. 
Classrooms are equipped with modern lighting, air ventilation and air conditioning systems to protect students' health. In each classroom, modern technology such as projectors, Internet-connected computers for teachers and many other teaching aids for specific lessons so that it meets any strict requirements of any up-to-date teaching methods and the standard of any international schools.


Other items
- Administration Building (25/10/2009)
- Arts Performance Hall (24/10/2009)
- Library (23/10/2009)
- Green space (22/10/2009)
- Cafeteria (21/10/2009)
- Sports Hall (19/10/2009)
- Gifted Rooms for Creative Subjects (17/10/2009)
- Science Laboratory (16/10/2009)
- Computer Room (15/10/2009)

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