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Celebrating Independence Day 2/9, joyful family shopping event at Grand Plaza (30/08/2012)
On the occasion of Independence Day 2/9 this year, Grand Plaza will be the ideal destination for families with the event "family shopping festival".
Final sale (15/8 - 31/8) - Last chance to buy at super discounts at Grand Plaza (13/08/2012)

The focus of August's Grand Sale discount program at Grand Plaza Shopping Center is the Final sale event spanning the second half of August from 15 - 31/8. Just as its name suggests, this will be the last opportunity for consumers to buy goods at shocking price in Grand Plaza Shopping Center. 50 top brands will simultaneously offer their most attractive and deepest discounts for all items in the Final Sale.

Grand Plaza freshening up (01/08/2012)

Thanks to market repositioning, after a short while, Grand Plaza Shopping Center has attracted a record number of tenants.

Grand Plaza Just Covered 100% Area of Ground and Second Floors (23/07/2012)

According to the representative of IDJ Financial, after reconstructing and repositioning Grand Plaza business strategy, especially since the free-retail-leasing promotional program plus many discounts and bonuses for clients was launched, the number of lease contracts has seen unexpected increase.

Free Retail Space Leasing at Grand Plaza (15/07/2012)

Since July, 2012, Grand Plaza has held Grand Sale program that allows leading brands for free retail space renting when they offer customers discounts.

Hustle and Bustle again in Grand Plaza thanks to Ordinary Customers (08/07/2012)
After a long time of inefficiency and inactiveness, the shopping paradise Grand Plaza suprisingly is back to its hustle thanks to repositioning.
Hanoian Models Hunting for Discounts Together (01/07/2012)

Models Tu Linh, Bich Ngoc, Khanh Huyen escorted by two gorgeous male models Minh Duc and Khac Hoan went shopping at Grand Plaza after coming to know that the center started their outlet discount season with discounts up to 50%.

GRAND SALE up to 50% on Products at Grand Plaza (1/7–31/7/2012) (26/06/2012)

In July, when the summer sale was heatedly overwhelming, many shopping fanatics are planning to put aside their work to go to Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore to satisfy their thirst of hunting for sale-off products. Many of them have been dreaming of a sale-off season right in Vietnam to save their time and efforts. Now their dream is coming true thanks to the Grand Sale event being held at Grand Plaza Shopping Center.

Grand Plaza Organized Magic Event ‘Kid’s World’ (23/05/2012)

In order to create a useful and interesting playground for kindergarten kids, elementary and secondary students on Kid’s Day 1st June, Grand Plaza Shopping Center is going to organize an event of magics and games ‘Kid’s World’.

Having good food, winning big prizes in ‘Grand Food Festival’ program (18/05/2012)

From 18th May to 1st June 2012, Grand Plaza Shopping Center is launching a lucky draw program called ‘Grand Food Festival’ to send its thank-you message to customers who believed and chose products and services of Grand Plaza Food Court up to the moment. In order to create various experience for customers after a hard-working day, ‘Grand Food Festival’ and other offers are going to be applied to all customers to the Food Court from 18.00 every working day and from 8.00 every weekend, along with high value gifts.

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