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Having good food, winning big prizes in ‘Grand Food Festival’ program (19/05/12)
Welcoming summer 2012, Grand Plaza Shopping Center is sending its best regards to hundreds of those who love cuisines by a series of programs and events to introduce images, dishes and leading value of Grand Plaza Food Court to local and foreign customers.
From 18th May to 1st June 2012, Grand Plaza Shopping Center is launching a lucky draw program called ‘Grand Food Festival’ to send its thank-you message to customers who believed and chose products and services of Grand Plaza Food Court up to the moment. In order to create various experience for customers after a hard-working day, ‘Grand Food Festival’ and other offers are going to be applied to all customers to the Food Court from 18.00 every working day and from 8.00 every weekend, along with high value gifts.

When coming to Grand Plaza Food Court during this time, customers will receive discounts up to 30% at all food courts. For every VND50,000 on food receipt, customers will receive a lucky draw number and have the chance to win a special prize, which is a high quality summer course at Hanoi Academy Bilingual School, one of the best facilitated bilingual schools in Hanoi.
The prizes of the program include:
- 01 special prize of a summer course at Hanoi Academy school, equal to VND14,520,000
- 04 first prizes, each of which has 02 gift vouchers of VND500,000, totalling VND1,000,000
- 08 second prizes, each of which is 01 gift voucher of VND500,000
- 40 third prizes, each of which is 01 gift voucher of VND200,000
- 80 fourth prizes, each of which is 02 gift vouchers of VND50,000
Time: 18th May – evening of 1st June 2012
Lucky draw coupons will be delivered when customers bring food receipts to the reception of lift lobby on Food Court floor. Coupons ak for basic contact information, thus will not be time-consuming for customers.
Lucky drawing and award giving is expected to take place at 19.30 every Saturday of the month from the opening of the program on Food Court floor of Grand Plaza Commercial Center, 117 Tran Duy Hung Str., Hanoi. Special reward ceremony will be taking place at 19.30 Friday, 1st June 2012. Absent winner will be announced and invited to get the prize at the Grand Plaza Commercial Center Management Office within 20 days after the drawing day.
List of restaurants which offer discounts or special prices:
1. Nam Duong Chicken Restaurant
- Ethnic group’s chicken hot pot: VND 230,000
- Sour bamboo shoot chicken hot pot: VND250,000
- Chicken in beer hot pot: VND250,000
- Volcano chicken hot pot: VND250,000
2. Crab & Crab Restaurant
- River crab with beef muscles hot pot (for 2 people): VND199,000
- River crab with chicken hot pot (for 2 people): VND192,000
- Hong Kong style soysauce-steamed sturgeon: VND130,000
- Shedder roasted with salt and pepper: VND90,000
3. Szechuan Grill Hot Pot
- Szechuan Grill: VND250,000
- Szechuan hot pot: VND250,000
- Various corridge hot pots: VND350,000
- Nutritious mushroom hot pot: VND350,000
- Shanghai wrapped meat: VND120,000
4. Ancestral fish cake:
- Fish cake: VND129,000 / portion
5. Shabu Shabu
- Miscellaneous seafood hot pot (for 4 people): VND240,000
- Miscellaneous seafood hot pot (for 6 people: VND320,000
- Salmon sushi: VND25,000
- Seaweed-wrapping salmon sushi: VND45,000
- California-wrapping sushi: VND65,000
- Special Shabu Shabu sushi: VND90,000
- Large wrapping sushi: VND65,000
6. Hong Kong hot pot
- Hong Kong hot pot: VND500,000
- River crab hot pot: VND450,000
- Hong Kong grill: VND400,000
7. CPI café and restaurant
- Beef improvement salad: VND65,000
- Fried sesame sweet potato: VND45,000
- Baby river crab hot pot: VND380,000
- Spicy and sour crispy fish hot pot: VND300,000
- PCI coffee: VND55,000
- Mint Dilmah tea: VND30,000
8. Vietmac
- Vermicelli with grilled meat:  VND45,000 / portion
- Sea crab spring roll: VND20,000 / piece
- Steamed rice wrapping: VND30,000 / dish
9. Abby
- Chicken hot pot: VND350,000
- Grilled beef: VND300,000
- Customized rice
10. Southern dishes restaurant
- Vietnamese crepe: VND60,000 / portion
- Stew fried rice: VND90,000
- ‘Thac lac’ fish cake: VND120,000 / portion
- Gobi grilled with salt and pepper: VND12,000 / fish
- Gobi hot pot: VND250,000 / pot
- Sauce hot pot: VND250,000 / pot

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